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  • 421 North 7th Street
  • Philadelphia, PA, 19123
  • United States

The Future of Technology In Business

This is an official Philly Tech Week event.

Uber, Google and Amazon are all “tech-first” companies that have leveraged digital technologies to create empires. How can established companies who’ve been successful for years use a similar tech mindset to stay competitive?

Join us for an afternoon of discussions with CHOP, Urban Outfitters, Jaguar Land Rover and a panel of tech agency experts to learn how established businesses can overcome the challenge of embracing new technologies. We’ll look at how these brands are researching proprietary technologies in-house, incubating ideas under their own roof and finding innovative ways to engage with their customers.

Hosted by Brolik

Doors open at 3:30.

Stick around after the presentations for networking and beer!




Chris Hunter
Senior Software Architect - Urban Outfitters

Nolan Shenai
Corporate Counsel - Jaguar Land Rover

Jeff Pennington
Director of Translational Informatics - The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Ryan Findley
Principal - Neomind Labs

Chris Cera
Chief Executive Officer - Arcweb Technologies

Drew Thomas
Chief Technology Officer - Brolik

Chris Bye
Chief Instigator - Bye Design